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Tamilnadu investors only. because, it is easy to me to talk with investors directly, when they are residing in Tamilnadu.  two investors Only.

You can open your own on-line share trading account in the share broker office in your place or other district and deposit Rs.1.25 lakh in your own account. Then, I will do nifty index option trading behalf of you, in your own account up to one year, from the date of beginning share trading.


One time investment Rs.1.25 lakh only.

Quick on-line share trading account opening investors only. delaying and bellow Rs.1 lakh investing investors, please avoid to contact me. This Rs.1.25 lakh investment measurement is based on nifty index option, trading calculation.

I am a Govt poly technic graduate [printing]. Age 44.

I have approximately 15 years very deep research experience in the share market delivery based trading method in the Indian share market.
My trendline [line drawing] technical analysis research success rate is approximately 98% in the nifty index option trading strategy . I am using trend line technical analysis and Japanese candle stick trading method. It is a best trading method, due to its accuracy. trend line drawing is tough. I have researched 13 years nifty chart in trend line technical [drawing] trading method.

My trading plan and profit target time for investors
Nifty index option trading. This is a high risk trading. If one is expert in this nifty chart trend line drawing research; then this trading strategy is almost risk less. Some time, I will do other trading like stock futures, if situation and chance came.

Explanation about Nifty index option trading

Only six to nine trading per year. This mean, trading chances will come in every one and half month or two month. So, I will do trading every one and half month, two month once. Profit target 100% or more in every trading. Some time 50%, 75% profit chance [profit target time 15, 20 days] will come. This is like incentive income. This is very tough technical trading method. I think, Only very few peoples have expertise in this trading method in India.


Why I choosed Nifty index option trading?

  1. intra-day [day trading] cash market trading is very danger.
  2. intra-day [day trading] index futures trading is very danger.
  3. intra-day [day trading] stock futures trading is very danger.
  4. intra-day [day trading] options trading is very danger.
  5. long term investment. We should wait atleast 3 years.
  6. medium term investment. We should wait atleast one and half years.
  7. short term investment. We should wait atleast 6 to 9 months.


That’s why, I choosed Nifty index option trading. Low investment is enough. High profit opportunities is there compare to above all trading strategies.



profit target

profit target is Rs.1 lakh in every one and half  or two month. This mean 100% profit target in every one and half or two month. Your extra Rs. 25,000 investment is for urgent  trading purpose only. That is a reserve amount. Some time that amount will be very important for trading.


profit share basis
To you 65%. to me 35%.
You should give my profit share amount, after I completed  trading with profit each and every time. This may be

one and half  or two months once. This may be through cheque or deposit to my bank account or net bank transfer.


Contract note [like receipt]


Your on-line share broker will send every day share trading contract note copy to your e.mail. so, you have to check trading details. And I will tell you, daily trading report, after market closed [after 3.45 pm or 4 pm].

Contract note [like receipt] contains your name/your client id no, shares or futures and options – bought/sold, bought/sold – date/timings, bought/sold price – profit/loss, broker commission/transaction tax etc.


In this trading, no body can’t cheat your money. Because, Indian share market is controlled by central government. your money will be in your own account. 100% transparent, like bank account. If you want to withdraw Your total money, any time, your share broker will transfer your total money, directly to your bank account.

Bank fixed deposits may give approximately 9, 10% and bellow, per year. But, this technical analysis nifty index option trading method, will give huge return, per year.
share market (or any other business) success is only coming from taking the risk. So, no risk; no reward. High risk: high reward.
I will tell you all on-line share trading account opening formalities, if you are new in the share market. I will do online share trading behalf of you, in my house. I have internet connection.
When you want to talk with me directly about this share trading; you can come to my house or i will come to your house or office or any other public place, as you like.

After this trading completed in one year, I will teach you this technical analysis trading method, if you like.

It will take more time.
Thanking you,

My resident address
197 (62/f2), Vellala street,  [very near Ellaiyamman koil ]
Ayanavaram Chennai : 600023
(Near I.C.F East colony and near New avadi road RTO office)
(Approximately twelve minutes walkable distance from Ayanavaram Gopi krishna theatre)
Cell : 8056124039
E.mail :
Website :



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