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Where I can file a complaint about the GST benefits?

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    What are the GST benefits is common for all types of business men. It is getting more payments in types. But I cannot get the exact details about the different types of plans to claiming the benefits. I am also search with some of website to know the new plans and day to day activities. I have managed my paper company and paying tax amount via online. Getting invoice in correct time. My uncle given their support for getting messages about paying date. But recent months i am not getting any notification and invoice for my payments. I have approach the officers also. Send message to the customer care number. I am not getting any answers from that people. Please tell me any other way is possible to convey my errors to them? So I need to file the complaint about not getting any benefits and others.
    How to file that? Is there any website or separates way is follow? Please tell me the ways and process about that. I have found the products rates with my mobile phone app about GST software. It is given the current position and available sources for the business men. I am using my bank account for paying my tax amount to them. I am not getting idea for using that application for GST rates finding. My friend is using the same policies and platform for know about their tax payment details and what is the exact tax rate for the products etc. I am keeping the best relationship with the taxpaying authorities. I need the format for paying tax amount and how to find the benefits and common funds are available for my business. Anybody are getting any types of benefits for your tax amount means tell me here and also enter the reduce burden for payments.

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